RAJAR Article Digest, Q1 2013

This morning the RAJAR listening figures for radio in the UK were released. It’s truly amazing how many people listen to, and care, about radio in this country. Of course, there are a million articles online with their take on the results from the last quarter, so I thought I’d publish a short digest of the one’s I’ve found most helpful, clear and interesting. Enjoy!

Rajar Smilies

By far the simpliest, most fun round-up of all the RAJAR figures for lazy people (like me!)

Matt Deegan’s RAJAR Facts

If you don’t read anything else on RAJAR… Matt’s blog has all the facts, no guff, and the more interesting observations..

Matt Deegan on Nick Grimshaw’s Figures

“You don’t re-position a network without some collateral damage. So, what’s happening?”

MediaUK’s Winners And Losers List

“Here’s how the best – and worst – radio stations did, in comparison to last quarter’s figures.”

Adam Bowie’s RAJAR Round-Up

A more in-depth overview. “At first glance this quarter might look less than spectacular with few obvious stories emerging at first glance. But that isn’t quite the case.

RadioToday’s Round Up Of RAJAR

“The headlines from the latest audience figures include a record reach for Radio 2 and a significant drop from Radio 1.” 


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