Syndication: AudioBoo vs. YouTube (pt.2/2)

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So back to that agreement between AudioBoo and AuntyBeeb that she’ll be Booing clips from programmes in order to get her content into online spaces…

As I mentioned in pt. 1/2 Fishing in An Online Listener Lake, we’ve been using AudioBoo to promote the Chris Evans Best Bits Daily Download. We mainly see it as a tool for embedding short audio teasers onto our Facebook page in a way that looks attractive and is easy for someone to listen to.

The idea is that they get a brief taster of the conversation Chris had with a big guest and then want to click through to the podcast for more.

And AudioBoo does exactly what we want it to. Most of the time. Once it’s embedded, a surfer is only one click away from hearing our content, as the audio plays within Facebook without having to click through a bunch of links to an external website. And it looks neat too. The photograph of Chris with the guest appears as default, you can see the additional text and link (to subscribe to the podcast), and it all works smoothly. All very nice.

Radio Blogger, Graham Radio, Freelance Radio Producer, Chris Evans Breakfast, Show, Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Radio 2, Chris Evans, Breakfast Show, Radio, Producer, BBC Radio

That was all going fine. Until I read this blog by Matt Deegan.

It made us re-evaluate whether using AudioBoo was actually our most effective tool. In his article, Matt poses YouTube as a much better option for exactly what we want to achieve.

Now, alright, AudioBoo and YouTube are essentially very different beasts. And we are, at the end of the day, dealing with audio here. So why consider a service that is primarily intended for video?

In ‘Fishing In An Online Listener Lake’, I spoke about taking our content to the online spaces where our potential listeners/ downloaders already are, and using what they are using online.

And is our audience habitually using AudioBoo? Hmmm… We’re not so sure.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen some lovely numbers on AudioBoo (our clips from Steve Coogan and Jeremy Clarkson both got in excess of 2,500 plays). People sure are listening to those little bits of content on Facebook. But we’re not sure people are sharing them. I mean, how often do you see people sharing AudioBoo links, as opposed to the stack of YouTube links you see on Facebook?

And if you search for your favourite pop star or actor on Google (other search engines are available, just not as good), what comes up higher in the search results – AudioBoo or YouTube?

The Tube wins 9 times out of 10*

(*made up statistic alert)

We need to make our content as shareable and searchable as possible. No matter how much the BBC’s agreement with AudioBoo is going to Boost the Boo, our audience right now are already well into the habit of sharing YouTube links.

In a recent piece of BBC Audiences research, 43% of everyone who has acces to the Internet said they use YouTube on a regular basis. AudioBoo didn’t even register on the stats.( Interestingly, only 12% said they use Twitter regularly, which I thought was surprisingly low…?)

As a secondary reason, of course it still allows us to add photos from that morning’s show, plus that nice flying graphic thing our station uses on videos, and if we film any of the interview there’s space for that to be included as well.

And for those reasons, for the time being at least, we’re going to be experimenting with YouTube.

I’ve promised Matt Deegan some comparative statistics following his blog, so I’ll share them here too, and we’ll see what it looks like. It may well result in returning to the Boo, but you gotta try these things right?

I fully welcome your comments on how you’ve used either of these services and to what effect, and I’d love to carry on the conversation on Twitter – I’m @grahamalbans - see you there.

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